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Even though Sri Lanka is a small island the country has unique and interesting diversities. The opportunities and places to explore are endless. There are  historical monuments, heritage buildings, water based activities, refreshing hill country, and mouth-watering Asian cuisines, and lot more to explore in Sri Lanka. Travel and leisure in Sri Lanka will never disappoint you because the island is bountiful.

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Celebrating 12 years of unparalleled service, Taprobane Tours & Travels was established in the year 2009.  The owner of the business, Nishantha Weragoda brings a wealth of travel experience and a comprehensive knowledge of this wonderful island. Having worked in the United Kingdom at a service oriented business for many years and since his return to the island in the year 1992, he initially joined VIP Tours and later Jet wing Travels and gained experience in all departments of tour operations.  Taprobane Tours and Travels is a family run business and their main objective is providing a  quality service with an added personalized approach to all their guests in their travel needs, catering to any kind of traveler with any type of budget.

 The Company offers a comprehensive selection of tours, showcasing the very best of the island, specializing in individual bookings (FIT) and small and large group tours(MICE) for both leisure clients and incentive trips. Sri Lanka feature very high on the wish list of many people and is recognized as a superb value destination for companies looking to reward their staff or clients. The biggest attraction of Sri Lanka is its people. The Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are all friendly by nature and the country has an unblemished record for hospitality. It is a land of smiles and warm welcome, observed by Anton Chekov, Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur C.Clarke, who made Sri Lanka his home and the inspiration for at least two of his books. It is known as a land of tolerance that has been tempered over the years by the teachings of the Buddha. Sri Lanka still beckons as a land of splendor far beyond the limits of a tropical isle. In laymen’s terms it most definitely punches above its weight and there’s no better way to experience it than as a guest of Taprobane Tours and Travels.

Nishantha Weragoda

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Anuradhi Wickrema


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We are very excited to introduce Taprobane Tours & Travels as the one stop provider for all your travel needs and requirements. We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and look forward to demonstrate these qualities at the earliest possible chance.

Since established in 2009 the primary aim was to provide quality travel services to business and leisure travelers. The agency continued to grow and branch out its interests to rise as one of the exponents in the travel industry.

Our Profile:
- Established Year: 2009
- Head Office: Negombo, Sri Lanka
- Inbound Travel
- Corporate Travel
- Leisure Travel (Inbound)
-Property management

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- Experienced management team.
- In-depth knowledge of region's travel needs.
- Widely and closely networked with trade, corporate and diplomatic community.
- One Stop Shop to provide all services to customers and travel community.
- Excellent relations with the Government, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and all service providers in the industry.


Ayubowan !

The traditional greeting is often accompanied with the phrase 'vannakkam' (in Tamil) or 'ayubowan' (in Sinhalese), which means "may you be blessed with a long life".

Pearl of the Indian ocean


In Sri Lanka – a drum beats, an elephant trumpets and a mystical Buddhist chant fills the air all in one little moment. This captures the essence of a magical island nation with all its beauty as well as its complexities. Here is a land which traces its lineage back to the beginning of time and here is a country within which there is so much to discover and experience. The ruins of ancient civilizations stand testament to a great past while man-made tanks belonging to centuries long gone continue to amaze modern day scientists. The jungles are home to wild leopards and the oceans are filled with dolphins and whales. Modern fast-paced cities amidst traditional rituals and customs. Culture and technology, beliefs and development. When writing about Sri Lanka in the 14th century, Oderic, a Franciscan Monk went on to say there were many ‘miraculous things’ of which he could not write. Even in the 21st century this little island continues to amaze and hold travelers captive by the range of possibilities available is such a compact space.

Hanging like a teardrop off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean and is one of the countries that makes up the South Asian subcontinent. A tropical climate makes it warm and sunny throughout the year aside from the time of the two monsoonal periods which affect opposite sides of the island.

The indigenous people of Sri Lanka, the Veddhas are a tribal group with roots going back to pre-history. Around the 5th-4th century B.C North Indian settlers migrated to the island and formed settlements in the North-West and North-East of Sri Lanka. They came to be known as the Sinhalese, the majority ethnic community in the country and the people who also brought the philosophy of the Buddha to Sri Lanka. Simultaneously as well as later on there came settlers from South India, who came to be known as Tamils and in the 7th Century AD Moorish traders from Arabia founded trading settlements around the coastal areas of the Island. From 1500s to the 1800s Europeans in search of spices and new lands systematically came, saw and conquered giving Sri Lanka a Portuguese, Dutch and finally a British flavour until independence in 1948. The results of a continuous stream of migration, invasion and colonialism was a nation with a vivid and multicultural heritage rooted in centuries of foreign as well as local influences. In fact George Bernard Shaw famously said that he was convinced that “Ceylon [was] the cradle of the human race because everyone there looks an original”.

Visit Sri Lanka and encounter its people, places and customs first hand. The Kandy Perehara is a annual temple procession cum festival which comprises of fire-dancers, elephants, drummers and even stilt walkers to name a few. The 5th century citadel of Sigiriya, also considered to be the 8th Wonder of the World, was the palace of a suicidal king. The bustling Bazaar of Pettah, on the outskirts of the capital Colombo, is the place to experience shopping Sri Lanka style. The beaches of Unawatuna and Passikudah mirror paradise regained while the hills of Nuwara Eliya are reminiscent of a colonial era in a little English town. The delicious local delicacies of rice and some spicy curries, rotti, biriyani or lamprais washed down with some home-made ginger beer or thambili will tantalize your senses.

Come and discover the unbridled hospitality of this fascinating land with Taprobane Tours and Travels which is a reflection of Sri Lanka and all it stands for.



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